I’ve been reading about the benefits of essentials oils for the skin. I’ve been having some minor irritations and breakouts these past few weeks and I’m looking for new ways to control these or to rid myself of these altogether. My doctor says it’s because of stress or a result of a poor diet. I suppose I can eat healthier but I think there is little I can do about the everyday stress that I feel. That’s why I’ve been looking for additional supplements that could help me.

I learned that I cannot apply essential oils directly into my skin. Because of its concentrated nature, essential oils can often cause severe irritation or allergic reactions if applied directly. Carrier oils are usually needed to mix with the essential oil to dilute it before application. It’s a good thing that I read this before I was going to actually use the essential oils otherwise my skin would have looked worse. Now I have to find the right kind of carrier oil to mix with the essential oil to get the outcome that I want.

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